- For over 20 years the biggest problem in the glass and glazing industry is a labor shortages of vetted, competent, and reliable skilled labor.

  • This issue affects the field, shops, and offices equally
  • Good help is always hard to find especially when it comes to estimators, project managers, glaziers, and other skilled professions within our trade.
  • Many people have tried to solve this problem and their solutions have had little to no resolve.
The Solution:

- The glazier nation platform is the ultimate recruiting solution that will awaken the potential of glass companies and glazing subcontractors.

The purpose:

- To teach your company how to recruit and better attract candidates on the glazier nation platform

- We have two recruiting modules that we have crafted:

  • One is Free
  • One is a paid subscription

- We want to clearly explain the key differences between the two modules. Please use this educational tutorial to see what is best for your company.

Product Explanation:

- Recruiting Module 1: Glazier Nation Free Job Postings:

- We have two recruiting modules that we have crafted:

  • Puts your FREE job posting in front of 30 thousand glazing professionals on our social media networks
  • Receive applications
  • Jobs displayed until removed
  • See how many potential candidates have viewed you job posting
  • Don’t risk losing your perfect candidate while they may be looking and your not!

- Recruiting Module 2:

  • The Glazier Nation(glazier match module) was designed to be the ultimate industry solution to this wide spread problem.
  • For over 5 years we have tested and allowed over a hundred glass companies to test our network as the ultimate recruiting tool for the glass and glazing industry.
  • Glazier Nation labor match module allows you to dive deeper in the recruiting process by using match making technology.
  • This integrative tool allows you to:
    • Chat with candidates in any language
    • Organize interviews
    • Be notified when new glazier come available in your area
    • Match making algorithms search out you best candite
    • And offers unlimited job post
Don’t Wait:

- Here are three reasons why you need subscribe to the module on your glazer nation profile rather than just using the free job listing:

  • Number 1: When a glazier becomes available You want to be the first one to be notified.
  • Number 2: You can’t always trust that the candidate will find your job listing.
  • Number #3: Only companies subscripted to this module with have access to this match making technology.

Activate your subscription now by:

  • - Creating a FREE company profile at in order to use both Glazier Nation Job Post and labor match module.